Lead your child into restful nights.

Lead your child into restful nights.

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Bedtime doesn't have to be a Nightmare

Don't wait for sleep to resolve itself. Sleep doesn't have to be so tearful, exhausting, frustrating, or lonely.

There's a reason for every sleep issue and this course & community will help you identify and resolve it. Get the Sleep, Lose the Tears® has everything you need to get your child to sleep and start enjoying this season with your child.

Learn exactly which factors are negatively affecting your child's sleep & how to nurture him/her to restful nights

  • From the science of sleep to the art of bedtime, you will learn all the factors and skills needed so you can help your child sleep restfully
  • Receive support from a "science-first" Gentle Sleep Coach and Infant Mental Health Professional so you can get your questions answered
  • Join a community of empathetic moms who are on the same journey as you so you never have to feel alone
  • Learn from multiple health practitioners (Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractic Doctor, Nutritionist, and Occupational Therapist) so you ask informed questions to your child's health provider about underlying health conditions
  • Be empowered to lead your child in restful sleep in a way that is aligned to your family's values and goals

Myra Hartzheim

Gentle Sleep Coach, Infant Mental Health Professional, & Sleep & Development Researcher

We created a solution I wish I had when we were without answers. You want to feel like the expert on your child’s sleep and not just following an arbitrary 3-step plan.

You want to be fully informed of your options so you can be confident the direction you are heading with your child is the best one for your child and your family.

You want to know you can make a change in your child’s sleep in a way that feels aligned with your family’s values.

And above all, you are tired of sifting through all of the information that has left you confused.

As featured in

These are from real parents just like you who were stuck in the cycle of

sleepless nights.

“Your course was unlike any of the child sleep resources out there…I learned so much in there that I haven’t learned from other resources… one thing I learned from the course that I think every mom should know is that babies aren’t born trusting. They have to learn to trust us.”


“We struggled a lot my daughter’s first year, with lots of sleep issues as well as severe colic/nursing problems that probably exacerbated the sleep issues. We’ve had seasons where she’s been sleeping alright and then we backtrack a bit and need more help. We just recently had been struggling with her taking forever to go down for bed (very happily playing in her crib for sometimes 1+hrs before sleeping) and waking very early, as early as 4:45 without being able to go back down. She would then nap so hard we’d have to wake her up. After watching the course we decided to try to play with her bedtime, thinking maybe we were putting her down a little overtired. It’s been helping so far, she’s taking less time (under 30min) to fall asleep and waking closer to 6/6:15. I’m glad she’s getting more sleep!”


“I think we figured out my daughter's bedtime thanks to your coaching call! She has fallen asleep earlier and slept better for two nights in a row!”


"This should really be a course everyone takes in college!"

– Maggie

Supporting the body’s natural ability to sleep, combined with parental connection to foster independence and safety, is what creates the unique results that our clients experience.

“We are innately capable of wholeness. This is not about being less broken, it is about becoming more whole.”

– Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe

No matter how hard you sleep train, or how much you stick to a schedule, an underlyinghealth disorder will not be conducive to restful sleep for many children. Resolving the underlying disorder is key to restoring balance and restorative sleep for a child. This is why “get the sleep, lose the tears” course discusses various possible underlying issues that may be interfering with restful sleep for a child and what questions to bring to your child’s health professional to address those possible issues.
Truly restorative and healthy sleep patterns develop when all systems in the body are in balance.
Applying the science families will be creating that balance which is the secret sauce to my work with families. You will not find this information in any other sleep book or sleep course, and is the reason for the massive, and unmatched results the members in my group and my private clients receive!
I believe these massive results are possible for you too!
True confidence and independence comes from a healthy relationship and attachment.
When a child feels internally balanced and is securely attached, the natural progression is to explore sleep space away from the caregiver.
The circle of security applies to sleep spaces as well, and starts with that secure connection with the adults..
  • Parents who value knowledge and truly understanding their children.
  • Parents who value their children and their own mental health.
  • Mom’s and Dad’s who are self motivated.
  • Parents who are willing to make sacrifices to their lifestyle for healthy sleep for their children.
  • Parents who prefer to have a bigger picture of sleep before taking action.
  • Parents who believe the body is capable of obtaining sleep naturally with appropriate nurture and support.
  • Parents who are leery of programs that offer 3 step guarantees (I mean, children aren’t robots!)
  • Parents who feel like they are at their breaking point (private coaching is more appropriate for these families who feel like they can’t take one more night of sleeplessness).
  • Parents who want a 3 step plan and overnight transformation no matter the amount of crying or lack of information on the plan.
  • Parents who value their flexible lifestyle above their children’s and family’s need for sleep.
  • Parents who have decided they want to keep their own world view with disregard as to what science and evidence suggests.
  • Parents who have no respect or regard for a coach or for professional advice.
This is a course and membership that helps you understand what causes crying and what your options are when it comes to sleep coaching. I do not promote Cry It Out, but if a parent chooses to make some changes with how they approach sleep times with their child there will often be some crying. This course will help you learn how to reduce the amount of tears that could possibly occur and, utlimately, help you eliminate tears altogether.
There isn’t a magic sleep pill that will promote truly restorative, healthy sleep. Instead, promoting healthy sleep is more like putting together a puzzle. With consistency, observing patterns, and working with your child’s unique needs, you will be able to achieve better sleep! Your Gentle Sleep Coach and the other mama sleep experts will be there to support you as you put together that sleep puzzle! So, for a short answer: yes, it works if you are willing to work it!
Other courses are focused on behavior only. In other words, they focus on sleep training and sleep coaching only with no background on what impacts sleep. We take a more holistic perspective on sleep so that we can help children truly obtain restful sleep from the inside out.
If you are looking for something that gets into the why of sleep and doesn’t just spit out an arbitrary 3 step plan to start implementing that same night. Instead you want to be able to understand your child's sleep for yourself, learn how to reduce tears, and create a sleep coaching plan that feels right for YOUR family, this is the course for you!
There are no refunds but you are welcome to cancel at any time.
There will be an opportunity to get your questions answered in a zoom call with our expert Gentle Sleep Coach. And any questions throughout the week will be answered within 72 hours (if not sooner) of posting if not answered sooner by a mama sleep expert in the group.

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